Theresa Makes Apple Pies

Resident Theresa O'Rourke's wish was to bake apple pies for her family for the upcoming Holidays like she use to do many years ago. As part of our New Chapter program, the staff at Sigourney Health Care made her wish come true! Not only was she able to bake pies again for her family, but she was able to share her wealth of knowledge with a class full of eager high school students. One of our staff members, Betty Alderson made Theresa a beautiful hand-sewn apron to wear for the day, Community Liaison Director Misty Little and Activities Director Julie Wilson took her grocery shopping at K & L Foods for all the ingredients where she got to chat with her son Paul who works there.  We got apples from a local apple tree (Thank you Toni Greiner!) and Theresa spent the entire morning teaching kids in her granddaughter's (Shannon Greiner) Sigourney High School Foods class how to make apple pies. Two of her daughters and her best friend Maxine surprised her by showing up to watch and help out! We ended the day by taking Theresa and her daughters out to lunch at George's Pizza and Steakhouse. The students were great and enjoyed learning Theresa's secrets. Thank you to Mrs. Greiner for the opportunity to let us do this for your grandmother. She can't stop talking about it!