The night I arrived at NHCC, the aide assigned to my hall and the cook introduced themselves. I didn't care for what was planned for dinner, however, the cook offered an alternative, I was happy with that. The next day the administrative team all introduced themselves. If I had an issue, the Administrator Bethany was on top of it, I would tell everyone to go to her if they have a question. My call light was answered in a timely manner on all shifts. There was one aide that I liked very much, Wanda, so friendly and efficient. I used equipment that needed 2 people, if another aide wasn't available the nurse or Administrator (LPN) would step in to help. The rehab staff was easy to work with and made me laugh often. The activity program is wonderful. There are plenty of places to spend time with my family outside of my room. My room was very comfortable. Living at NHCC has been a nice experience.

- Linda Koon

I want to thank the staff at Newton Health Care Center for their professional care, and sincere concern for me and my family. The staff, rehab, beautiful room, food and clean environment was beyond anything I could have hoped for. Thank you.

-Edwin and Family

A few years ago we had to relocate our Aunt from one of the progress Homes in Newton to a Nursing Home because of her age and her inability to walk on her own. We checked into several different places, a couple of them out of town, which we didn't want to do. Because she had her own room at the Progress Home, we wanted her to have her own room at the facility we chose. I work directly with Newton Health Care Center for my job so I inquired about a private room and they had one available. I'm glad I did because my Aunt moved in and has been very happy there. When I tell the staff that I am Ruthie's niece they say "Oh! I just love Ruthie". That makes o ur family happy and let's us know that she's well taken care of. Recently they told us about a program they have called "New Chapter". This program is designed to help make the wishes of their residents become a reality. Ruthie's wish was to go to the Zoo. She loves animals and of course loves the zoo. They let us know they wanted to take her and of course it was fine with us. So off to the zoo they went, Ruthie, Kelly and Ruthie's favorite aide Lindsay. They took pictures of her before they left and while they were at the zoo. Needless to say, Ruthie had a blast and I think Kelly & Lindsay did too. The decision to move Ruthie to Newton Health Care Center, and make that her home, was the best decision our family has made. We can call anytime we want and they will let us know how she's doing. If we want to come down to celebrate her birthday as a family they make every accommodation for us. The staff is friendly and very attentive to Ruthie's needs.Newton Health Care Center is an asset to Newton and I'm glad we have them in our community.

- Pam D.

When former Resident Marjorie Rieks came to Newton Health Care Center for physical and occupation therapy, she really appreciated how much attention the staff gave her to make sure her needs were met. “All the staff members were very polite and helpful,” Marjorie said. “My C.N.A., Wanda, took such great care of me. She was always so cheerful and always checking in on me. She was always very gracious and pleasant.” Working with our TruRehab therapy team made all the difference for Marjorie. “I was so out of balance when I first came and I didn’t have any strength,” said Marjorie. “They worked with me to help me improve so much and they made it fun instead of making it feel like work.” Marjorie enjoyed her stay so much, she recommends Newton Health Care Center to anyone needing therapy. “Everyone seemed to do the right thing at the right time. This was so new to me and everyone helped guide me through it.”

Marjorie Rehabbed to Home the beginning of January, 2015 and is enjoying getting back into her regular routine.

When Marcia Simeons needed to go somewhere for therapy after her hospital stay, she had only one place in mind, Newton Health Care Center. “I have a friend who stayed here, who was happy here. That’s why I came. At the hospital, they told me I could go anywhere in Newton, but I chose Newton Health Care Center. I would recommend it to anyone. It doesn’t feel like a nursing home and there are no odors. When my boys were here to visit me, they were so impressed with my progress and so happy it didn’t feel like a nursing home.” Marcia believed Newton Health Care Center and its TruRehab Physical and Occupational Therapy program is what made the difference for her recovery. “Therapy helped me improve greatly. They made me stronger and I don’t feel like I’d be as far along as I am now without them. I can’t say enough about the people that work here. They’re all super! Everyone went the extra mile for me and I really enjoyed two of my nurses, Mary and D.W..” If you have a loved one who needs therapy, Marcia would recommend NHCC to anyone and everyone needing therapy treatment. “I would recommend Newton Health Care Center to anyone because of all the arrangements and the cleanliness. Then nurses are wonderful; the aides are great. Everyone was super!”

Marcia rehabbed to home September. She enjoys being able to go out to visit her family, friends, and going to the casino!

When Carroll Broyles had her surgery, she had one goal in mind. “I wanted to go home,” said Carroll as she was preparing to leave Newton Health Care Center. “I was terribly weak at first. Therapy had a good effect on me. They did a good job; they helped me be more independent so I could go home!” After a month of skilled rehab, including P.T. and O.T., Carroll had met her goals and was ready to go home. “The therapy staff were so good to me,” Carroll added. “Carrie and Cassie, two of the therapy assistants who helped me, made everything fun, even the hard stuff. They joked around with me and told me stories. They helped me keep a positive attitude during my stay and reach my goals. They even did a home evaluation for me! It helped me identify any trouble spots at home to we could work on them before I left.” When she summarized her stay at Newton Health Care Center, Carroll said “I’m glad I did it.”

Carroll rehabbed to home in June and she enjoys being able to spend more time with her grandchildren.

When Bob Baarda needed hip replacement surgery in January this year, NEWTON HEALTH CARE CENTER was his top choice for rehabilitation and therapy. “The TRUREHAB therapy department was great, especially Nicole (Dearborn, TruRehab Coordinator.)” Sometimes they bugged me to do therapy, but that’s their job.” Bob said with a grin. “I really liked working with everyone and they all enjoyed working with me.” It was the combination of an active TRUREHAB therapy rehabilitation program, excellent nursing care, and having a variety of activities to participate in that made his stay so enjoyable. “C.N.A Wanda Hannagan took great care of me. She took the time to ask me about my preferences for my daily routines,” said Bob. “She made sure I got up at the certain time of day that I wanted and always came to take me out of the dining room right away, so I didn’t have to sit too long. I really appreciated how she met my individual needs. ” All the different activities that NEWTON HEALTH CARE CENTER offers really made Bob’s stay fly by quickly. “I really enjoyed the day we had the pet pig come through the building,” Bob chuckled. “I never expected to see a pet pig at a nursing facility!” Bob’s favorite activity was when they helped with the cooking. “I really liked helping the day we made brownies, mainly because after I helped, I got to eat two of them!” When the time came for Bob to transition to home from NEWTON HEALTH CARE CENTER, he really appreciated the extra support he got from our TRUREHAB therapy department. “Those girls knew what I needed to do. They found my weak areas and helped me get strong so I could go home,” Bob said. “They knew I was weak with stairs so they focused on it so I wouldn’t have trouble with them when I got home.” Bob and his wife, Donna, both valued the extra level of care our TRUREHAB therapy department gave him when they did a home evaluation prior to his transition to home. “They did a home visit before I even left to help me be more successful at home,” Bob said. “I was excited to be more independent at home, and that evaluation helped me so much.” Bob enjoyed NEWTON HEALTH CARE CENTER and our TRUREHAB therapy program so much, he stayed with our TruRehab Therapy program for his outpatient therapy after he went home. “I wouldn’t go anywhere else,” Bob said. I wanted to come back to NEWTON HEALTH CARE CENTER and keep working with all the girls in TRUREHAB.”

Bob rehabbed to home in March and enjoys being more independent in his home.

Several years ago my family was faced with the decision of which nursing facility would best fit our loved ones needs. We believe we made the right choice with Newton Healthcare. They are family-oriented facility who made our difficult situation as comfortable as possible for all concerned. Over the years that has become even better. When we walk in and find our loved one happy and content the majority of the time, that is special. Realistically, we expect to encounter problems now and then, but when they occur they are taken care of as quickly as possible to the best of their ability. The much needed improvements of the entire building are hopefully making things safer, easier and more comfortable for the residents as well as all of the staff. Thanks to the administrative team we have now. I believe they are doing a great job!

Arlys Shepard and Family of Newton Healthcare Resident, Elmer Shepard

When I admitted my Mother to Newton Health Care in December she had been in the hospital for 22 days. She was very ill and very weak. I was not sure if she would be able to return home. My biggest fear was that I was not going to be able to bring my mom home because of her health and her need for skilled care. I picked Newton Health Care over other facilities in Newton because of the TruRehab program, when I toured other facilities, their rehab programs did not even come close to what Newton Health Care Center has to offer, it was an easy decision. Allison and the team of therapist worked with my mother continuously to help her gain back her strength, endurance, and independence. She made steady progress and has made impressive steps toward getting her regular life back. The rehab team did an outstanding job and I am grateful for them. Andrea was also very supportive and helpful; I always appreciated that she would let me interrupt her busy day whenever I had questions. She has been a great support through this whole period. Until this health crisis with my mother, I had never had the reason to consider placing my mother in a skilled facility for her care. When I was faced with making these decisions it was overwhelming to say the least. Not once have I regretted placing her at Newton Health care center I was actually comforted knowing that if my mom had a chance to come back home, her best chances were because she was at Newton Health Care Center and the rehab therapy she would be receiving. I will make sure to recommend this facility to anyone else that may have to make the same decisions that I had to. Realistically, we expect to encounter problems now and then, but when they occur they are taken care of as quickly as possible to the best of their ability. The much needed improvements of the entire building are hopefully making things safer, easier and more comfortable for the residents as well as all of the staff. Thanks to the administrative team we have now. I believe they are doing a great job!

Kristin R., daughter of Rehab patient

Janet Coffin was admitted to NEWTON HEALTHCARE CENTER for rehabilitation in April 2011 and was discharged a month later. She actively participated in the NEWTON HEALTHCARE CENTER Reabilitation program, TruRehab, and that was key in her successful return home in even better medical condition than she was before. Janet sums it up best, “I’ve had great improvement due to the therapists here. They are the best!” The other element that made her rehabilitation successful was her positive attitude, jovial spirit, and often times humorous personality. “Janet was a wonderful patient in TruRehab. She worked hard and the staff adored her. Janet was just a joy to be around,” says Andrea Shepherd, NEWTON HEALTHCARE CENTER Social Service Director., who is responsible for admissions and ensuring residents are satisfied with their stay. Andrea adds that Janet specifically requested NEWTON HEALTHCARE CENTER for her rehabilitation stay. “She had stayed with us once before and really wanted to return for her rehab. We are always glad when patients want to return again.” Janet says, “I wanted to go to NEWTON HEALTHCARE CENTER, nowhere else, that’s it! Just there. The staff is always personable, friendly and helpful. They really care. I interacted with several staff members and I couldn’t even choose one name as a favorite—they were all great! I would recommend NEWTON HEALTHCARE CENTER to anyone. It is a great place for care and rehab. The rehab has to qualify for one of the best in Iowa.”

Janet is rehabbed … home and getting ready to enjoy June and her hobby, bowling.

When Leland Lester needed care for his knees, his daughter Margie Heston, selected NEWTON HEALTHCARE CENTER. Daughter Margie also required physical therapy when she had a total knee replacement and she too selected NEWTON HEALTHCARE CENTER. When Leland again required care to regain his strength after a bleeding ulcer, there was no doubt in either of their minds where he would go—NEWTON HEALTHCARE CENTER. They both came to NEWTON HEALTHCARE CENTER because they knew the therapy was the best and would allow them to return home quickly. “I selected NEWTON HEALTHCARE CENTER for Dad because therapy here is great and I was completely satisfied with my therapy,” states daughter Margie. It was then time for father and daughter to compare notes and demonstrate the ability they had gained in their knees from therapy at NEWTON HEALTHCARE CENTER. Teasing each other with comments like, “I wish you could bend your knee like I am!” they both compared knee flexion as they laughed. Father and daughter are in complete agreement that NEWTON HEALTHCARE CENTER therapy was fast and efficient in completing their rehab program and returning them home quickly. “Things were setup well in advance and everything was in place before we even came in. Everything was done in a timely fashion,” says Margie. Margie shared that during her stay here the nursing staff did an excellent job maintaining her medication schedule. “The nurses were always on time, I even teased them about that, “ joked Margie. “If I had to go anywhere…it would be right here.” The rooms here made us feel like royalty, with TVs, cable and phones. The therapy was excellent. I would recommend NEWTON HEALTHCARE CENTER to anyone, “ adds Leland.

Leland and Margie have both returned home and are doing well. Leland returns to play his harmonica for us from time to time.

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